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Jargon Fitness

‘Jargon Fitness’ is the brand spanking new, super duper effective, government approved fitness regime, helping you stay healthy whilst working from home. This fun, little comedy short film was made for the My RØDE Reel 2020 competition.

A Movement Films and Cardboard Moon Pictures Production

Produced by Stephanie Ridge
Written and Directed by Chris Allen and Chloe Kennedy
Co-produced by Chloe Kennedy and Chris Allen
Executive Produced by Stephanie Ridge, Chloe Kennedy, Chris Allen, Matthias Djan, Alice Pontin and Timothy Holmwood

First Assistant Director | Stephanie Ridge
Director of Photography l Matthias Djan
Production Designer | Alice Pontin
Art Assistant | Chloe Kennedy

Editor | Matthias Djan

Starring: Richard Stride as Mr. Government | Jessica Balmer as Jess | Sean Sellers as Craig Daniels | Keith De’Winter as Melvin Jones | Mike Sweeney-Collier as Geoff Parsons | Jasmine Embrechts as Janine Thompson | Tanya O’Sullivan as Claire Rodriguez | Nick Field as Jeffrey Fod | Fraser Fraser as Richard Smith | Christin Prustel as Emma Bunting | Anyssa Baki as Amy Fontaine | Tayla-Jayne Eldred as Genevieve Smith | Richard Miltiadis as Toby De Souza | Timothy Holmwood as Rhys Eccles