Movement Films

A UK based film production company with a focus on narrative content


With an extensive background in producing short films, Movement Films have worked with talented filmmakers from across the UK on a huge variety of stories and genres. Moving forward we are now in development of our first feature film.

Movement Films' Portfolio of Films

Completed Projects

A coming-of-age dance film that follows 16-year-old Robyn, grappling with social anxiety and depression, expressing herself through the medium of tap.

The first film shot with our new camera, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k. There, There is a small, intimate, comedy drama short film.

A short film made as part of a 48 hour film competition. ‘Bittersweet’ immerses in the nostalgia of childhood summers.

An original poem in response to George Floyd’s murder. ‘I Turn to Trees’ is a Black Lives Matter short film that conveys some of our thoughts and feeling about the world we live in today.

A crime thriller short film set in an interrogation room. Demur follows an investigation into a death among a flat of friends.

A comedy short film made in collaboration with Cardboard Moon Pictures. Jargon Fitness is a brand new fitness regime perfect for working from home.

Ongoing Projects

A comedy horror short film set in the 90s. Ben and his friends set off to an abandoned outdoor activity centre to film their first short film. But they soon find out they’re not the only ones at the site.

Oneiros is a short film that we shot during lockdown with a crew of two, over video call. The film shows Josh’s dreams seeping into his reality.

A funny comedy short film, as Peter meets the parents as well as a few people he wasn’t expecting to see at dinner.

A short film in collaboration with ELK Medium. ‘Tell Me Who We Are’ is a short narrative drama exploring cycles of abuse, mental illness and family.

Projects we've worked on

To see more films from Matthias and Bernadeta’s portfolio just click below: