Movement Films

A UK based film production company with a focus on narrative content


Documentaries have the power to change opinions, bring awareness and educate by showing riveting stories from around the world. Movement Films bring interesting and important topics to the table that we want to be made aware and possibly spark conversation. Documentaries use real people to make global issues, that seemed distant, much more relatable. We at Movement Films, want to show these real experiences to push audiences’ to put themselves in the shoes of others, and create bridges of empathy in a world that often lacks compassion.

Current Projects

Ali in the Jungle: Road to Glastonbury

We’re currently working with the indie rock band Ali in the Jungle, to produce a behind the scenes documentary series. The series will document their journey as an up and coming band, showing everything involved with growing their band. It will follow them as they prepare for gigs, develop their brand, write songs, record albums and go on tour. We hope the documentary will give an insight into all the hardwork that goes into become successful within a competitive creative industry, and we hope it inspires other creatives to go after their dreams.

We love working with music artist, check out our music videos to see more collaborations we’ve had with music artists.