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Bentleys of York: We Can Fix It

Bentleys of York came to us looking for a commercial to be made for them to sell their services. They were keen for us to show the benefits of calling your local IT guy instead of going with a big corporation.

On their website they already feature some of the benefits of their services, but they do this in list for, and felt they needed a more dynamic way to get this information across, and what better way than a video?

We wanted to use a fun, relatable, comedic sketch to show the common problems you can run into in the office, and how useful and friendly Bentleys of York are.

The team at Bentleys of York loved our video, and we’re keen to see the success of the video once it’s released on their website and social media platforms.

Bentleys of York: We Can Fix It
Shot on a Panasonic HC-X1000
A Movement Films Production

Produced by Bernadeta Beange and Matthias Djan
Written by Joe Kinderman and Bernadeta Beange
Directed by Bernadeta Beange

Director of Photography l Matthias Djan
Assistant Camera | Richard Manion
Sound Recordist | Alistair White
Sparks/Grips | Richard Manion and Alistair White

Editors | Bernadeta Beange and Matthias Djan
Composer | George Dolan
Sound Design | Matthias Djan
Colourist | Carmen Li

Andrew McDonald as Steve | Jonathan Lloyd as Phil | Iago Montgomery-Jarvis as Nick