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NPBC Building Development Launch Facebook Ad

This video, released on their Facebook, has helped raise awareness of the building project, and encouraged people to learn more about the developments and donate to the project, and it was a massive success.

Upon release, NPBC’s Facebook Page had under 300 likes. Their videos tended to average 400 views, their posts tended to have a reach of 600 people and an engagement of 50-80 people. Our video (not boosted) managed to get over 3,300 views, an organic reach of over 5,500 and an engagement just shy of 1,500 people, making it their most successful post ever. See how well the video is doing on Facebook for yourself.

Not only did we create them a 2 minute advert for their social media, we also made a 4 minute full version of this video for them to show at a launch event they held.

Newport Pagnell Baptist Church Building Development Launch Facebook Advert
Shot on a Panasonic HC-X1000
A Movement Films Production

Produced and Written by Matthias Djan
Directed by Matthias Djan and Bernadeta Beange

Director of Photography l Matthias Djan
Editor | Matthias Djan
Sound Editor | Matthias Djan
Colourist | Matthias Djan

Steve Wood NPBC

Matt and the team at Movement created a short video for us to promote our church building project. They didn’t just follow the brief, but enhanced it, bringing together a number of elements to create a professional, well-structured and compelling video. It received greater exposure via social media than anything we’ve done as a church before – testimony to the Movement team’s great work.

Steve Wood


NPBC Minister