Movement Films

A UK based film production company with a focus on narrative content


At Movement Films we can make you a narrative commercial. We use the power of storytelling to captivate your audience and inspire them to fall in love with your brand, product or company, in a way that motivates them to act.

We work with you through every stage of the film production process from concept to completion, tailored to your bespoke needs:



After an inital discussion, we will created a treatment, outlining a concept for your advert, that we believe is best suited to your needs.

If you already have an idea for your narrative commercial, we can help develop that idea into a detailed treatment that’s ready to be created.

Once we have a fully developed treatment, we will pass that treatment on to one of our talented screenplay writers. Our writers will transform your treatment into a script.

Throughout the writing phases, we will show you each draft, get your feedback and ensure we are creating a product you love.

Once we have agreed upon a script, we will begin the preparation stage. This includes booking locations, hiring specialist equipment/props, shot listing, story boarding, set design, scheduling and a handful of other tasks, ensure everything is ready for the first day on set.

Every project will require a different crew on set, whether that’s VFX supervisors or production designers. We will use our industry connections to bring the most talented filmmakers together to work on your project and create a high quality video.

Part of the pre-production stage is holding auditions to ensure the best actors possible are used to bring the script to life.


Once all of pre-production is complete, we will begin filming the commercial. The set will be filled with different filmmakers such as a Director, Director of Photography, Sound Recodist, 1st Assistant Director and the cast.


Once we have all the footage we will jump into post-production, which begins with editing. The film is cut together and we work closely with you throught this process, to get your feedback ensuring we create the best edit for the commercial.

We can also create different versions of the commercial for different platforms, for example a shorted version for your Facebook page, and a longer one for you websire.

Once the edit is complete, the footage will need to be graded, where we manipulate the colours and contrast in the footage to create the most appealing and appropriate look for your advert.

We will also work with the audio in you commercial equalizing and normalizing all the sound in the video, to ensure everything sounds professional and clear.

If your project requires it, we will also deal with any Visual Effects needed within the commercial, from CGI and compositing, to lower thirds and titles.

Finally, we offer to add English subtitles/captions to your video should you wish to have them.

A sweet, warm narrative commercial following Joy, an overworked employee, who has her day brighten up by a beautiful gesture.

A fun narrative commercial following Steve and Phil who are having computer problems at work. In this comedic story we show, why you should call your local IT guy.

What is a Narrative Commercial?

Narrative commercials are adverts in the style and tone of a short film, which tell a story to help sell a brand. We avoid exaggerated performances and heavily expositional scripts, and instead use relatable characters, and captivating stories to make our commercials unique and memorable. We aim to get our audience emotionally invested in our narratives, and thus invested in your company.

Why Have a Narrative Commercial?

1) You need to do more to get your audiences attention

Living in the twentieth century means we are competing in a world where great content is more accessible than ever before. Massive streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime make it all too easy for audiences to be entertained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, in this heavily saturated media landscape, you need to do much more to grab your audience’s attention, and using a compelling story in your commercial, will give you that chance.

2) Consumers are looking for instant gratification

Our attention spans are shortening and we want instant gratification from the media we consume. In this world of cat videos and buzzfeed sketches, if a video doesn’t make your audience, laugh, care or learn in the first few seconds people will simply watch something else. Having your advert tell a story will engross your audience, and encourage them to listen to what you are saying and remember it.

3) The Age of traditional adverts are over

Audiences are no longer tolerating dull advert breaks. Viewers instantly switch off when shown a traditional advert that does not stimiluate them. However, John Lewis’ Christmas Advert still sparks excitment each year where millions of people actively seek it out to watch it. Evidently, there is still a place for adverts, however, those adverts have to do more than talk at the viewer; those adverts have to engage the viewer, and one of the easiest ways of doing this is by giving them a story they can emotionally participate in. 

4) Stories evoke emotions

Great stories can make you laugh, can make you cry, they can make you fall in love with characters, and can even change opinions you have held your entire life. Movement Films create stories that make your audience love your brand, so that they do not just remember you; they are inspired to act and know you better.