Movement Films

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All Sorts of Shorts Podcast

We at Movement Films love short films. We love making them, we love watching them and we love talking about them. So we’ve created All Sorts of Shorts the podcast!

All Sorts of Shorts is a fortnightly podcast, in which we talk about the short film we love. Each episode, each of our hosts, Bernadeta, Matthias and Jamie bring a short film to be focus of the episode. 

We’ll tell you the short films for the upcoming episode in the preceding episode and on our social media, so you can watch the films before jumping into the episode.

We discuss shorts of all genres and all budgets, marveling over the phenomenal work going on within the independent scene of short film making.

Each episode a forth filmmaker is invited onto the podcast to lend their opinion on the film as well, giving you a range of perspectives.

The four of them breakdown the films, analysing a different aspects of the films each time. We focus on the brilliant filmmaking behind the short, themes and story are often discussed, other times it may be the morale and social commentary of the short.

The show will be available on your favorite podcasting platform, as well as YouTube, or you can listen to it here on the website.