Movement Films

A UK based film production company with a focus on narrative content

Production Department

The production department are a key part of our shoot days. Our ADs ensure we keep on time and everyone knows what’s going on. Our runners and production assistants help in a variety of ways including keeping our sets running smoothly. Our behind the scenes photographers, provide great and professional looking social media content for our clients, and help document what we do.

Assistant Directors

Writer Director Stephanie Ridge 1st AD Producer First Assistant Director

Stephanie Ridge

1st Assistant Director

Worked with us on:
Jargon Fitness
Writer Director Chloe Kennedy

Chloe Kennedy

1st Assistant Director | Runner


richard manion

Richard Manion

Runner | Spark | AC

Worked with us on:
We Can Fix It
chris allen miscellaneous crew

Chris Allen


Ruadhan Gee miscellaneous crew and art department

Ruadhan Gee

Runner | Hair & Make-up | Model

Worked with us on:
Tell Me Who We Are
Timothy Holmwood one of the directors for I Don't Even Know You Music Video

Timothy Holmwood


Worked with us on:

Behind the Scenes Photographer

BTS photographer Charlotte Brown

Charlotte Brown

Photographer | Graphic Designer

Worked with us on:
Tell Me Who We Are
thomas griffiths bts photography

Thomas Griffiths


Worked with us on:
Tell Me Who We Are