Movement Films

A UK based film production company with a focus on narrative content

Visual Post-Production

On smaller projects often Matthias and Bernie will perform all the post-production roles themselves, but whenever a project merits it, we love bringing in some of our talented post-production collaborators, to help us make the best product possible.  Until this point, it is not clear how the film will turn out, so it is always an exciting part of the process.
Editors stitch together film and video footage, and arrange it into stories, in a way that achieves a certain emotional or psychological effect from the viewer. Using multiple editors, enables us to meet tight deadlines. A colourist fine tunes and perfects the visuals, creating professional and stunning visuals.



Ferenc Miko


editor andy henderson post-production

Andy Henderson


Post-Production Audio

composer George Dolan sound/audio post-production

George Dolan


Sound recordist Jessie Bingham, Audio Team

Jessie Bingham

Sound Designer & Recordist | Writer

Composer Oliviero Forni post-production audio

Oliviero Forni


Worked with us on:
Tell Me Who We Are


Carmen Lee Colourist

Carmen Li

Colourist | Editor

Worked with us on:
We Can Fix It!