Movement Films

A UK based film production company with a focus on narrative content


Bernadeta directs most of our projects, but occasionally we collaborate with other directors, who bring their unique visions forward. Directors are the head of the creative elements of filmmaking and each has their own voice and style, however, they work closely with everyone involved to ensure the best possible film is made by utilizing people’s skills and specialities.

Writer Director Chloe Kennedy

Chloe Kennedy

Director | Writer

Worked with us on:
Jargon Fitness
shane merkli videographer & director

Shane Merkli

Director | Videographer | Editor

Worked with us on:
I Don’t Even Know You
Writer Director Stephanie Ridge 1st AD Producer First Assistant Director

Stephanie Ridge

Director | Writer | 1st AD

Worked with us on:
Directors Georgie Cubin

Georgie Cubin


Worked with us on:
Tell Me Who We Are
Timothy Holmwood one of the directors for I Don't Even Know You Music Video

Timothy Holmwood

Music Video Director | Composer