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Shot Down

An American pilot is shot down over Russia and must fight for her life as she is pursued. However, as events unravel, a deeper plot begins to unfold.

Shot Down is a student short film, shot by Matthias Djan and Executive produced by Matthias and Bernadeta.

Shot Down
Shot on a Panasonic Lumix-GH4 and Sony Alpha A58
An LUFP Film

Written, Produced and Directed by Alistair White

Director of Photography l Matthias Djan 
Executive Producers | Jamie Mills, Matthias Djan, Bernadeta Beange, Amelia Slater, Kasia Bentkowska and Alistair White
Assistant Director | Emma Hao
Production Manager | Katharine McIntosh
Makeup | Catherine Barber
Sound Recordist | Katharine McIntosh
Editors | MoBolaji Dele Adelodun, Alistair White and Pikka Gim
VFX Artists| Alistair White and MoBolaji Dele Adelodun
Sound Designer | Alistair White
Composers | Sohil Vinyak and Alistair White

Starring: Catherine Barber as Jamie Douglas | Dan Power as Dimitri | Nat Marshall as Erik | David Gatward as Sasha