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Coming Up: True Stories Short Films

Happy New Year!!! We hope you had a wonderful 2019 and to start of your 2020 why not join us for the next episode of the All Sorts of Shorts podcast. We’ll kick of the year on Monday 6th Jan looking at 3 true stories.

The shorts you need to watch for this episode are:

From Executive Producer Sir Richard Branson and Writer-Director Toby Wosskow, Sides of a Horn is the first film to tell the story of Africa’s poaching war from both sides of the fence. Based on actual events, and filmed in the townships and game reserves most directly impacted by wildlife crime, this dramatic short film paints an unbiased portrait of a modern war that is tearing communities apart and driving a prehistoric species to the verge of extinction.

It’s just an ordinary day when Joel arrives at a florist’s shop to pick up his girlfriend on her first day of work. When he’s there waiting in the doorway, a car careens down the street, but Joel thinks nothing of it. But when he leads his girlfriend from the shop to their car, they hear a sound that could be a gunshot. Unsure of what he’s heard, Joel sets off to investigate the sound… and walks right into a nightmare.

Music artist Jessie Reyez narrates a dark story of an encounter with a music producer, early on in her career. Gatekeeper focuses some of the dark areas that plagues the music industry, as well as many other industries.

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