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Big Blind

Big Blind follows Ollie who arrives at a bar where he plans to propose to his girlfriend. Upon arrival he is invited to a poker game, which he is quickly sucked into as addiction takes hold.

Big Blind
Shot on a Sony PMW-EX3
A Moonlit Productions Film

Produced by Jamie Mils
Directed by Bernadeta Beange
Written by Katharine McIntosh

Director of Photography l Matthias Djan
Co-Producers | Matthias Djan and Bernadeta Beange
Script Consultant | Bernadeta Beange
First Assistant Director | Jamie Mills
First Assistant Camera | Alistair White
B Camera Operator | Alistair White
Second Assistant Camera | Jane Leggat
Lighting Technicians | Jane Leggat and Alistair White
Sound Recordist | Georgie Cubin
Production Designer | Ciara Cessford
Make Up Artist | Catherine Barber
Editor | Matthias Djan
Sound Designer | Matthias Djan and Eleanor Watkinson
Graphic Design | Alistair White
Colourist | Alistair White
Composer | Matthew Peter Clare
Special Thanks | The Grove Ealing, Stella Eva Tsiapali, Sohil Vinayak, Katie-Ann Middleton, Rebecca Pemberton and Georgie Cubin

Starring: Mike Narouei as Ollie | Leah Cunard as Dealer | Vasile Marin as Bartender | Jane Leggat as Player #1 | Bernadeta Beange as Player #2 | Ciara Cessford as Player #3 |  Jamie Mills as Player #4 | Catherine Barber as Jess