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Worst Case Scenario

Worst Case Scenario centres around the four horsemen who are back to save the world from an apocalypse. If newly wed couple Kitt and Julie move to Australia the world will end. All the horsemen have to do to stop them is keep a low profile… should be simple right?

Worst Case Scenario
Shot on a Panasonic Lumix-GH4 and Sony Alpha A58
An LUFP Film

Written by Joe Kinderman
Produced by Georgie Cubin
Directed by Bernadeta Beange

Director of Photography | Bradley Zhang and Bernadeta Beange
Executive Producers | Bernadeta Beange, Matthias Djan, Sohil Vinayak, Eleanor Watkinson, Rebecca Pemberton and Alistair White
Co-producer | Joe Kinderman
Camera Operators | Jane Leggat, Chris Wilson and Odera Bob-Osamor
1st AC| Jane Leggat
2nd AC| Jane Leggat, Chris Wilson and Odera Bob-Osamor
Lighting Technicians | Jane Leggat, Chris Wilson and Odera Bob-Osamor
Sound Recordists | Ari Blenkinsop, Kiran Bhogal, Rebecca Barrow and Laura Holsey
Production and Costume Designers | Ciara Cessford, Kiran Bhogal and Emily Stirling
Make-up Artist | Ciara Cessford
Composor | Chris Grande
Editors | Georgie Cubin, Joel Amoah, Chris Wilson, Bernadeta Beange, Alistair White and Jane Leggat
Colourist | Jane Leggat, Bernadeta Beange, Alistair White and Georgie Cubin
VFX Artist | Alistair White
Sound Mixing | Bernadeta Beange, Eleanor Watkinson and Georgie Cubin Sound Editors | Bernadeta Beange, Georgie Cubin, Eleanor Watkinson and Jane Leggat Script Editors | Rebecca Pemberton, Ciara Cessford, Emily Stirling, Sohil Vinayak, Bernadeta Beange and Georgie Cubin
Pre-production Assistant | Chloe Worthington
Publicity Manager | Joe Kinderman and Samantha McGarry
Thanks | Amelia Slater, Carmen Li, Will Macluskie Javier Orella, Andrew Simmons, Stella Eva Tsiapali, Tania Mergea, Melina Katsoulakis and Urte Deinoraviciute
Special thanks | Richard Ruston and Vue Cinema Lancaster

Starring: Joel Amoah as Kitt | Flora Barber as Julie | Victor Pirvu as War | Kasia Bentkowska as Death | Olly Hill  as Pestilence | Alex Tihoan as Famine | Alistair White as Frank | Joe Kinderman as Gregg | Georgie Cubin as Gregg’s Assistant | James Gorman as Bus Attendant | Laura Holsey as News Reporter | Jacopo Piccagli as Famine’s Body Double