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A Pointless Fraud

A Pointless Fraud follows a new Director of Photography, Collin, who is forced to take a job on a new hit reality TV show envisioned by pretentious Director Pier. We follow the show as it encounters its difficulties, and see Collin and Pier pushed to their limits. A comedy that gives the audience a glimpse in the behind the scenes running of a TV production.

A Pointless Fraud
Shot on a Panasonic Lumix-GH4 and Sony Alpha A58
An LUFP Film

Written and Directed by Bernadeta Beange
Produced by Carmen Li and Bernadeta Beange

Director of Photography | Ciara Cessford and Niktaa Amirkhalili
Executive Producers | Jamie Mills, Bernadeta Beange, Matthias Djan, Kasia Bentkowska, Amelia Slater and Alistair White
Assistant Director | James Pavasovic
Camera Operators | Ciara Cessford, Niktaa Amirkhalili and Jamie Mills
Sound Recordists | Tom Hale
Editors | Alfie Newson, Carmen Li, Dan Barker, Bernadeta Beange and Pavlos Anastasiadis
Colourist | Jane Leggat, Bernadeta Beange, Alistair White and Georgie Cubin
Script Editors | Luke Hughes
Special thanks | Matthias Djan, Diana Judelson, Sohil Vinayak,  William Macluskie, Rebecca Pemberton and Anatolie Baciu

Starring: Tom Hayon as Colin | Dan Power as Pier | Theo Bianchini as Tom | Miruna Bejenero as Hannah | Kasia Bentkowska as Sally | Alfie Newson as Adam | Joe Kinderman as Simon | Amelia Slater as Kate | David Gatward as Film Crew Member