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Bernadeta Beange Portfolio

Bernadeta Beange is the co-owner of Movement Films. A dynamic, up and coming Producer Director who searches for amazing stories and captivates her audience. She has worked with international casts and crews and is dedicated to drawing incredible performances out of her actors and to motivating the crew around her to excel in their roles. She has worked on Hollywood sets (The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, 2020) with production companies like Universal Pictures, as well as leading smaller crews on independent shorts and student films. Bernadeta is most know for her comedy and drama pieces.

Bernadeta graduated from Lancaster University in 2018 with honors in Film Studies BA. Her course gave her an insight on film theory and analysis, granting her an interesting and informed perspective on film analysis and deconstruction. She uses her knowledge and understanding to provide subtext to her work, helping her stories standout.

Directing Portfolio

A Engagement video for Beatrice and Yaw’s traditional Ghanaian Engagement, capturing all that happpen during that wonderful day.

A music video for hip hop artist Jepeto Knockz. We follow Jepeto as hard work and determination leads to success in his life and music career.

A narrative commercial, advertising a York based IT company that provides repairs and services for computers, broadband, servers and more. We follow Steve and Phil, who are having problems with their computer at work, so try to fix it themselves. What could go wrong?

A short film that takes a look at addiction to gambling. We follow Ollie’s deterioration as his addiction begins to ruin his life.

A commercial, advertising a business that brings European students to British universities, to assist students decision making as to whether to study in the UK. Four students give you an insight into their university lives.

A unique take on educational videos. Group Projects is a sitcom following 5 students completing a coursework assignment together. It teaches what to do and what definitely not to do, when completing collaborative work.

A mockumentary student film looking at the power dynamics of a film crew as auteur director and experienced DoP clash heads.

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