Movement Films

A UK based film production company with a focus on narrative content.

About Us

Movement Films Ltd is a UK based film production company that specialises in narrative content. We work with businesses, bands, charities and other filmmakers to bring life to captivating projects.

At the core of Movement is Matthias, Producer and Cinematographer; and Bernadeta, Director and Producer, the two co-founders of the company. Both have extensive experience with film production and a passion for shorts films; a succinct form of storytelling that has the ability to take audiences on enthralling journeys in clever ways with a limited amount of time.

Bernadeta and Matthias started to compare commercials to the short films that they loved and admired. They found that adverts leaned towards exaggerated and expositional forms of filmmaking and often evoked feelings of irritation in the viewer. In a world where audiences are exposed to brilliant forms of storytelling through platforms such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon, the adverts that surround us look more and more dated, and need to adapt. This opened an opportunity for Matthias and Bernadeta, who were inspired to draw together the captivating stories of short films and commercials to create adverts that inspire, engage and move audiences, but above all they leave a lasting impression in people’s minds.

Movement Films uses the power of storytelling to captivate their audience and inspire them to fall in love with whichever brand, product or company we are working with, in a way that motivates them to act.

Whether it’s a commercial, music video, documentary or film; we work hard to create a narrative that not only moves audiences but also sends across your message. We can work with any business, band or individual to create a story to bring your vision to life, from concept to completion.


The Team

CEO, Producer and Director of Photography
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