Movement Films

A UK based film production company with a focus on narrative content

What do we do?

Movement Films is an independent film production company that creates films that people can connect and relate to and reflect on in their own lives. We admire films’ ability to share the stories of human struggle and the hardships of life, whilst also celebrating the goodness found in people and the beauty of the world around us. 

Our sets are always fun and friendly as we bring together passionate filmmakers who are keen to explore the endless possibilities filmmaking provides.

Movement Films holds a strong passion for creating  short films and we have a few features on the drawing board too! Feel free to have a look at the narrative film work we do.

Sketches are small projects we create often to test our new equipment, capture locations we love the look of, or simple sharpen our film making skills. Have a look at some short pieces of work we’ve put together.

Our narrative commercials use the power of storytelling to grab your audiences attention, helping viewers better understand you and building a relationship between your customers and your brand.

Music videos are the best way to connect your song to your audience. There are a lot of creative opportunities with music videos, which enables you to create a unique fusion of the visual and audio arts.

Feel free to learn about Movement Films, our team or look at our personal portfolios below:

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